Players market

The players market is where you can view all the athletes in the league and choose who will be part of your team in that competition. It stays open until the start of the first game of each competition, and you can only call your team while the market is open.
During the competition, the market is closed and at that time you can check the partial scores of teams and players in real time and check the status of the competition.
At the end of the competition, you can check the result of your team, players from all competitions. Then a new competition for the next games will be opened.

Building your team

To build your team, it is necessary to take into account the game mode you are playing. Each game mode has different characteristics. You can participate in several different competitions, creating a team for each competition.

How does the score works

The actions of players in matches are called Scouts and they generate your team's score in the competition. Each game has different complexities, so different evaluation criteria are used for each game.


To build your team you need information, to help you in this stattrak will always provide you with the main stats of each of the players, team stats, recent results and of course the upcoming matches of those players.
During the course of the round you can also keep track of player statistics, updated between each of the games in that round.Scoring average