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2022 is about building the foundation of blockchain-powered entertainment, that will enable us to bring blockchain technology to the esports audience.
We are looking to leverage our popular games platform and to utilize fungible and non-fungible tokens as rewards to enrich and drive the gaming experiences, increase play-to-earn capabilities, and in the longer term, provide an opportunity to be a discovery platform for esports.

2021 Q4

  • Publish Whitepaper
  • Release: Android App
  • New game mode: Contests
  • New game coverage: League of Legends

2022 Q1

  • New game coverage: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Release: IOS App
  • Esports System
  • New game mode: Predictions
  • Social System

2022 Q2

  • New game coverage: Valorant
  • New game mode: Draft
  • Chat System

2022 Q3

  • New game mode: Leagues
  • Live System

2022 Q4

  • Public API
  • Release: Web version
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